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We bet on brands of international prestige.

At So Art Prat, we invest in top quality equipment and sustained efficiency allows us to offer great value solutions at competitive prices, without ever compromising on quality.

We bet on brands such as Electrovoice, Yamaha, Cameo or Chauvet as international technological benchmarks at competitive prices.

DANTE and ArtNet are our standard protocols.

A team of technical, expert and specific professionals.

We have a wide and diversified network of professionals, both internal and external, who are able to overcome any current technological challenge. We have a staff of professionals with a high technical profile, as well as a network of external workers with a prestigious reputation.

Culture, arts, entertainment.

Keep in touch with us if what you are looking for is a company that facilitates the organization and execution of your event, show or the management of your cultural space.

MICE, corporate.

We have extensive experience in the world of corporate events, with equipment suited to your needs and the most careful professionals.

Other services.

Contact us and find out about the rest of the services we can offer you: installations, standardization, production, space maintenance, net rental of equipment, etc.

Technical production office

At So Art Prat we have established our own technical production office, which allows us to ensure that all projects are carried out with maximum efficiency and professionalism. Our constant goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and successfully address any challenge that comes our way.

More knowledge, more experience and an ability to solve technological challenges quickly, allows us to offer adjusted systems and solutions for any act or event.

We expand stock! Welcome DM7 from Yamaha!

After a long wait, the Yamaha DM7 has finally arrived, the new and most recent digital console from the japanese company. The DM7 console stands out for its compact size but provides, finally, dedicated DSP technology for signal processing, a much more compact interface and, although renewed, easily accessible by all users of the CL and QL series. Although it incorporates numerous analog and digital inputs and outputs, far surpassing the local performance of a CL5, we alsoadquired a new RIO-3224D2. For the transport of the new addition to So Art Prat, we blindly trusted the Portuguese company Santosom, who designed a specific rack for this new digital audio console. In terms of lighting, we include in our stock 4 Cameo TS 40 WW, small and compact fresnel type projectors, ideal on the contrary in complex spaces, especially useful in events and conventions where aesthetics are dominant, without underestimate the powerful lighting needed for these acts.

EVERSE 8: music and portable microphone… with battery!

The EVERSE series is powered by a high-efficiency class D amplifier and a DSP module developed in collaboration with the world-class electronic audio engineering equipment of the German brand EV Dynacord. The Pro features include a four-channel digital mixer integrated with effects and studio quality processing, 48V phantom power, feedback suppression and audio ducking. Between the EV and Dynacord, it obtains the best of the two worlds. A So Art Prat expands stock to 4 units prepared for your events! Our 8″ loudspeakers come with battery power that provides up to 12 hours of playtime, real stereo transmission, connection to mobile devices and, finally, a wireless microphone system! Great sound… with batteries!

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