We expand stock! Welcome DM7 from Yamaha!

After a long wait, the Yamaha DM7 has finally arrived, the new and most recent digital console from the japanese company. The DM7 console stands out for its compact size but provides, finally, dedicated DSP technology for signal processing, a much more compact interface and, although renewed, easily accessible by all users of the CL and QL series.

Although it incorporates numerous analog and digital inputs and outputs, far surpassing the local performance of a CL5, we alsoadquired a new RIO-3224D2. For the transport of the new addition to So Art Prat, we blindly trusted the Portuguese company Santosom, who designed a specific rack for this new digital audio console.

In terms of lighting, we include in our stock 4 Cameo TS 40 WW, small and compact fresnel type projectors, ideal on the contrary in complex spaces, especially useful in events and conventions where aesthetics are dominant, without underestimate the powerful lighting needed for these acts.

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